Handmade rocking chairs, original art, woodcrafts & more... 

We make rocking chairs, sculptures, plant holders, tables, and custom projects from old wine, whiskey and bourbon barrels. We also mount original photography and artwork onto barrel tops. 

By upcycling we aim to re-use as many materials as possible in the creation of your furniture and artwork.

Upcycling means taking something that is no longer being used for its original purpose and giving it a second life with new artistic and environmental value. The finished product often becomes more useful, beautiful, and valuable than what it previously was. 

Upcycling is also known as Creative Reuse. Upcycle Art, Recycled Art, or Recycl’Art is the transformation of waste or used materials and objects into art pieces.  

By supporting upcycling you are also supporting the environment and help fight climate change. 

Upcycling reduces the consumption of new raw materials which means a reduction of energy usage, water and air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.